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 Dr Sudipta ChatterjeeProctorDr Sudipta Chatterjee, Proctor, and Associate Professor, Department of Natural and Applied Sciences at TERI School of Advanced Studies teaches courses on Biodiversity and Conservation, Wildlife Conservation and management, Communities and Conservation and Ecosystems and Climate across different Departments at the institution.

He has been working on the conservation of forests and biodiversity since the past 21 years. He is a recipient of the Whitley Associate Award, UK, in 2009 for the conservation of Rhododendrons in the Eastern Himalayas. He worked as Biodiversity Conservation and Protected Areas Management Specialist in Sikkim Biodiversity Conservation and Forest Management Project, Integrated Development Division, Louis Berger Group Inc; Head, Forests Conservation Programme of WWF-India and Biodiversity and Conservation Programme of Winrock International India. He served as Team Member Biodiversity in the Technical Facilitation Organization for the Sustainable Ecosystem and Land Management Country Partnership Project at the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE), Govt. of India. He worked as Heads the Communities and Biodiversity Division and Forests and Carbon Division of Wildlife Trust of India (WTI). He joined TERI University in 2014.

Message from Proctor Since the Proctor's position aims at ensuring discipline and decorum among all the students and fosters a congenial environment in an academic institution, Dr Chatterjee's years-long experience of studying and working for nature, biodiversity conservation, particularly at Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi and HSG Sagar University, Madhya Pradesh makes him a suitable choice for this responsibility.

As an institution, we are diverse in terms of our nature, capacities, workstyle, and intellect and as the Proctor, Dr Chatterjee ensures a sublime harmony that provides the students with a niche space required for their respective growth.

Our students are our greatest assets, our workforce, and our ambassadors when they graduate from the university and it's the environment of Discipline in which they are nurtured which helps them excel in their career path in the future.

The role provides Dr Chatterjee with an opportunity to interact with all the students on our campus and discuss very candidly their issues and concerns beyond the curricula.

Dr Chatterjee feels extremely proud to be the first Proctor of TERI SAS.