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About TERI-SAS, Hyderabad, India

TERI SAS is now seeking to expand its research and academic footprint to a couple of other parts of India through its new campus in Hyderabad. While extending the entire menu of programmes already developed, to students in Hyderabad – adopting a one-University concept – we envisage adding a number of new programmes and state-of-art laboratory facilities that would ensure that our students are able to compete at a global level.

TERI-SAS is opening a new campus in Hyderabad, India in 2020. It is coming up in a 40-acre campus in the IT hub of Gachibowli area in Hyderabad. The campus envisages to have students enrolled from 2020 in Master’s and PhD programs to carry out research in the field of sustainability studies. We are planning to establish a School of Sustainability Studies. The likely focus areas would be on climate science and policies, sustainable resources and agriculture, water science and governance, gender and social equity, renewable energy, nano-biotechnology and artificial intelligence for sustainable development. The new campus has been planned to provide a setting that enhances learning, while simultaneously showcasing the concept of modern green buildings. We are making the campus a fully accredited green building which is energy efficient with lots of green spaces. First phase of the building is nearing completion. We are planning to start academic programmes by 2020.

Plantation programme (Haritha Haram)
As an initiative of Telangana State Government plantation drive (Haritha Haram-2019), on 16.09.2019, GHMC initiated the plantation in the presence of Smt D Hari Chandana, IAS., Zonal Commissioner, GHMC, Mr. Dinesh Varma and Mr. Ramakrishna Lingireddy the location Head of Capgemini who were the sponsors for the plantation. A total of 1108 saplings of different varieties were planted all around the blocks and roads




Past Events

  KNK organised a programme on the occasion of National Safety Day. There was safety flag hoisting, HSE issues were highlighted and some staff/labourers were given awards for following safety processes. In this project we have a 100% clear record on safety issues.



Building Committees


  • Air Cmde MM Joshi(Retd), Distinguished Fellow, TERI
  • Mr. Dinesh Varma, Director, Hyd Campus, TERI SAS
  • Capt Pradeep Padhy(Retd), Registrar, TERI SAS
  • Mr. Amit Kumar, Senior Director, Social Transformation, TERI
  • Mr. Pradeep Kumar, Senior Fellow, Sustainable Building Division, TERI
  • Ms. Sangeeta Gupta, Director, IT and Smart Initiatives, TERI SAS
  • Ms. Milli Majumdar, Director of Green Business Certification Institute Pvt Ltd, India
  • Mr. Dhanraj Singh, Dy Finance & Project Officer, TERI SAS
  • Mr. Shivnath Singh, Sr. Project & Maint. Engineer, TERI
  • Mr. Kasi Viswanadham, Asst Admin Officer, Hyd Campus, TERI SAS
  • Mr. Ravindra Babu, Site Engineer, Hyd Campus, TERI SAS
  • HoD pf concern Department/ Expert/ Architect/ Chartered Accountant(as on required basis
  • Mr. Sandeep Arora (Convenor), Associate Director(Admin), TERI SAS



  • Dr Som Mondal, TERI SAS
  • Dr Abhijit Datey, TERI SAS
  • Air Cmde MM Joshi, TERI
  • Mr. Sandeep Arora (Convenor), TERI SAS
  • Mr. Dhanraj, TERI SAS
  • Mr. Rajesh Jangir, TERI
  • Mr. Kasi Viswanadham, TERI SAS Hyderabad
  • Mr. ShriNath Sing, TERI
  • Mr. Ravindra Babu, TERI SAS Hyderabad
  • Mr. Jitendra Bisht, TERI SAS


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Mr. Dinesh Varma,
Director, TERI SAS, Hyderabad
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Dr Anjal Prakash,
Associate Professor and Associate Dean, TERI SAS, Hyderabad
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