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Green Campus The layout of TERI SAS building A truly green campus, it puts into practice the very principles it teaches in its classrooms. An architectural delight, the campus has been planned to provide a setting that enhances learning, while simultaneously showcasing the concept of modern green buildings.

The green building has 10 classrooms, each having the capacity for 32 students, 3 lecture halls with the capacity for 60 people and an auditorium with the capacity for 80 to 100 people. The building also has 10 well-equipped laboratories to compliment cutting edge research at TERI SAS, along with a well stocked conference hall.

The campus is aesthetically designed with several features of passive solar design, energy-efficiency and water and waste management systems. The planning and orientation of spaces and building blocks ensures glare-free daylight in all regularly occupied areas. All the liner blocks are oriented in East-West direction with shorter facades facing the sun. The form of the building self shades the glazing such that direct sunlight is blocked at critical times of the day. The exposed facades and walls on the east and west directions have limited glazing.

The shading devices are designed such that the windows are completely shaded during the summer, which also contributes to reduction in cooling energy demand of the building. Energy efficiency is further enhanced by insulation of the walls and roof; and use of high performance window glazing to minimize thermal gain