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Why recruit @ TERI SAS?
Why recruit @ TERI SAS?

TERI SAS's multi disciplinary programmes expose students to a wide range of theoretical and practical courses. The emphasis is on finding innovative solutions to problems which might be there today or which may come up tomorrow.

Placement Cell

The placement cell of the University is a dynamic unit, which was set up with the objective of exploring placement opportunities at an institutional level.

The placement cell acts as the focal point for prospective employers. To facilitate interaction between them and the students, the placement cell organizes pre-placement talks (PPTs) on dates of mutual convenience, where the organizations participating in the placement process are requested to make a brief presentation about themselves and the opportunities and prospects for the aspirants.

Placement Cell
Industry Exposure
Industry Exposure

TERI SAS believes in the significance of providing its students extensive practical exposure alongside invaluable academic inputs to ensure their holistic development. Therefore, the constant interface between classroom training and on-job training through summer internships in world-class organizations ensures the perfect blend of business acumen and academic intellect.

Important Dates
On job Major Projects
(IV semester): February -June 2021
Final placement
(IV semester) students ready to join other organizations: July 2021
Placement Statistics Placement Statistics
Sector Wise Placement Sector Wise Placement
Faculty Placement Coordinators
Name of the Faculty Programme Email id
Dr Shruti Sharma Rana MBA (Infra & BS) -Download Placement Brochure
Dr CK Singh M.Sc.(ESRM)/(CSP)-Download Placement Brochure
Dr Nithiyanandam Yogeswaran M.Sc.(Geo) -Download Placement Brochure
Dr Ramakrishnan Sitaraman M.Sc.(PBT) -Download Placement Brochure
Dr Naqui Anwer M.Tech.(REEM) -Download Placement Brochure
Dr Shantanu De Roy M.Sc.(Eco) -Download Placement Brochure
Dr Chandan Kumar M.A.(SDP) -Download Placement Brochure
Dr Deepty Jain M.Tech(UDM) -Download Placement Brochure
Dr Sherly M. A. MTech/MSc (WS&G) -Download Placement Brochure
Dr Vidhi M Chadda LLM -Download Placement Brochure
For further details, contactPlacement Coordinator

TERI SAS, 10, Institutional Area, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110 070, India Phone: +91 11 71800222 (25 lines) Email: