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Future trends in strategic sectors of emerging markets in the (UAE) Middle East

Student name: Mr Apoorv Bawa
Guide: Dr Subir Sen
Year of completion: 2011
Host Organisation: Spire Research and Consulting (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Supervisor (Host Organisation): Mr Sumit Malik
Abstract: The study was undertaken to find out investment opportunities in emerging sectors of the United Arab Emirates. The interesting study was undertaken by me as part of market research project by Spire Research & Consultants, an international market research company. It has revealed that investment opportunities exist for foreign investors in UAE in the following industries:
•Food & Agribusiness
•Construction & Building Material
•Environment & Renewable Energy
•Tourism Industry
•Luxury Goods
•ICT & Media
•Electronics & Electrical Materials

The study dealt with the competitive landscape, government initiatives, imports & exports and so on of various investment sectors of UAE. It also includes the political risk, regulations & business environment.

The report concludes that UAE is a land of opportunities for foreign investors. The sectors were selected as per the demographics, climatic conditions, culture and demand for products.