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Brand promotional strategy for budweiser

Student name: Mr Amar Singh Yadav
Guide: Dr Sanpa Narula
Year of completion: 2011
Host Organisation: AB InBev India
Supervisor (Host Organisation): Mr Gokul Chandra Luwang
Abstract: This is a live project titled “Brand promotional strategy for Budweiser” carried by under the AB InBev in the premises of Gurgaon whereby:
-To estimate the market share of beer in Gurgaon Region and plan an effective brand promotional strategy for Budweiser

Questionnaires were made for consumers and shop managers to identify the perception of Budweiser as a brand. ABInBev concentrated on to the untapped market of north and west India in the initial stage of the production. Moreover, since it has positioned itself as a premium product, it is only catering to the urban cities of India as yet. The purpose of this project was to increase sales of Budweiser in the premises of Gurgaon. Budweiser and Carlsberg both are premium beer. Carlsberg is Rs.10 more expensive than Budweiser; consumers are still willing to buy more Carlsberg bottle than Budweiser bottle. Indian climate condition is hot /warmly, so at that time consumers drink daily. India has a large number of youth generations so they are following western culture and drink beer most of the time.

Sales tracking, shop managers feedback and consumers’ perception are effective component to make promotional strategy for Budweiser. Customer (Shop manager) relationship management, Aggressive marketing, surrogate marketing, discounts for shop managers and consumers and advertisement in print media and electronic media were used by AB InBev as a promotional strategy for seeing the impact on sales.

After implementation of promotional strategy, the market share of Budweiser was increased and shop managers were willing to put Budweiser in the chiller as eye level so that it was easily seen by consumers when they inter in the shop.