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Exploring the BIOFIN approach for mainstreaming biodiversity conservation in select government schemes

Student name: Ms Nivedita Krishnamurthy
Guide: Dr Smriti Das
Year of completion: 2021
Host Organisation: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Tuljapur
Supervisor (Host Organisation): Dr Shridhar Samant

Countless people have spoken about the relationship between the economy and the ecology. While we understand the environment is necessary for the economy to function, we must also acknowledge the fact that conservation of that environment requires monetary resources. The source of finances and the stewardship of responsibility cannot be pushed upon a particular section of the society and needs mainstreaming. This paper here attempts to develop a framework that will help understand biodiversity mainstreaming by quantifying the financial investment in biodiversity conservation from two government schemes - MGNREGA and RKVY in the district of Dehradun for the financial year 2018-2019.

The paper concludes that though finances attributed towards conservation have been calculate, a mere number cannot be treated as absolute truth and one must further look into the effectiveness of those funds and the execution of the policy on field.

Keywords- Biodiversity Finance, Mainstreaming, MGNREGA, RKVY, Dehradun.