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E-waste management: challenges and concerns for India

Student name: Ms Swati Vishan
Guide: Dr Jaya Vasudevan
Year of completion: 2020


Innovation is an area which is constantly improving in this world since individuals imagine that innovation is that key that will open a superior life entryway for us. During the eighteenth and nineteenth century, a lot of innovation created in the world. There was a ceaseless improvement of science and innovation. The life of individuals turns out to be exceptionally simple, there is access to diversion; a huge number of figuring’s should be possible in short order and so forth. With the assistance of commercialization of these innovations, quick industries developed in various part of the world and this the began mass production of these technologies. At that point these countries did not anticipate forthcoming difficulties; like impact of these technologies on environment, humans and one of the most significant was an Electronic Waste Management.

WEEE is one of the rising issues of the present time. It ought to be a noteworthy worry for world due to numerous reasons like shifting of approaches in economy at global level from socialist to capitalist, there are no such restrictions on manufacturing companies to ensure the future consequences of these technologies on planet and the most important, continues degradation of the environment with continuous development of society.

Specially, it is a greatest challenge before developing countries because globalization additionally plays a significant role in elevating the developed nations to dump their waste in developing countries like India, Pakistan and so forth. Developed nations due to their advance technology generated a market for their E- Waste in developing countries however these developing countries does not have legitimate legal framework, technologies etc. so that they. Efficiently tackle the problem of E-Waste.

These E-wastes have a critical number of hazardous components in it like Lead, Sulfur, Cadmium, etc. and when they dumped with no safeguard and measures, it creates pollution in the environment like diminishing in nature of soil, water contamination, air contamination and so on. There is an urgent need to address this issue through different scientific and legal instruments in an efficient manner. This work is an attempt in this direction.