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Artificial intelligence: a tool for achiving sustainable developmental goals

Student name: Mr Rajiv Kumar Jha
Guide: Dr Vishnu Konoorayar
Year of completion: 2020


A.I. based technologies & Innovation is now having extreme growth over all related sector or areas. Due to which there is exponential growth in the influence of Artificial Intelligence in different aspects of our lives which ultimately leads to effect the Sustainable Development Goals & respective targets. With many initiative we have seen the potential of A.I. based technologies & innovation for the achievement of the sustainability throughout different sector or area but in the absence of the proper regulation the issue arise & various analysis says that if this will not be properly regulated then there will huge consequence. But with dynamic dimensions of A.I. based technology & innovations we face extreme difficulties with regards to the regulation of the A.I. based technologies & innovation. So artificial intelligence have both positive & negative aspects with regards to the contribution in achieving sustainability & targets under sustainable developmental goals. Hence in this thesis we will try to analyse the contribution of A.I. based technologies or innovation in achieving sustainable developmental goals. Further we will also try to analyse whether & how issues related with it can be addressed.