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Environmental crimes: Indian perspective

Student name: Ms Rachna Jha
Guide: Dr Vishnu Konoorayar
Year of completion: 2020


The fundamental purpose of this dissertation is to bring forth the essence of what all can be categorised under the concept of environmental crime. The research undertaken will provide an in-depth knowledge of the idea of environmental crimes within Indian perspective. The focus would be to understand and highlight the rationale behind categorising atrocities committed against the environment into a general crime to the readers; as to what the essential ingredients of “such crimes with regard to the environment are” along “with the” various ways of how organised crimes takes place and what can be done to avoid it. A comparative analysis has been done with the essentials of criminal law so as to check if environmental crimes can be considered a part of criminal law or not.

Key Words: Environmental Crime, Criminal Law, Constitution, Mens Rea, Actus Reus, International Environmental Law