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Legal perspectives of LNG projects in India: critical analysis with respect to environmental protection

Student name: Mr Nishchint Rawat
Guide: Dr Vishnu Konoorayar
Year of completion: 2020


Natural gas is well placed as the new choice of energy in this era as it being more clean, economical as well as plentiful than other energy resources. LNG is the mechanism which has fulfilled the demand of natural gas around the globe. LNG has helped in distributing the natural gas without any geographical conflicts. LNG projects are long term in nature and to start the project it is required to obtain environment clearance from the Central or State government.

Environmental Impact Assessment is the continuous process to know the impact of proposed projects on the environment and on the health of human and stakeholders involved in that project. EIA report is one of the documents which are assessed by Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change for allowing environment clearance to LNG projects.

The activities performed at the LNG facility for liquifying natural gas after importing are hazardous in nature. Various stakeholders have been affected by such hazardous activities involved in exploration and production segment of LNG process.

The dissertation describes the LNG sector in India, EIA procedure in India and the EIA process in LNG project. It also deals with other issues like environment protection in relation to EIA projects, SHE (Safety, health & environment) risk involved in hazardous activities of an LNG project.

Key words: LNG, EIA, EIA procedure in LNG Projects, Hazardous Activities, Safety.