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Space debris and its proliferation: a legal and environmental perspective

Student name: Ms Krupa Vishwadhar Naik
Guide: Dr Vishnu Konoorayar
Year of completion: 2020


The legacy of more than 6 decades of space gateway has fetched humans with exceptional scientific expansions and accomplishments —nevertheless tremendously contributing to the proliferation of orbital debris1! There is no established definition of the term ‘orbital/space debris’ so far, but they are basically the obsolete, defunct man-made objects, fragments or elements of the objects orbiting and/or re-entering the earth’s atmosphere. The Space Debris are of various sources and types. Debris pose serious security issues and threats not only to the ISS2, and to the satellites in the earth’s orbit but also impacts our planet, its environment, natural resources and living beings both directly and indirectly. All in all, this menace of orbital debris has a tendency of jeopardising the sustainable nature of the outer space as well as the activities related to space, and there is a pressing need for framing of regulations, and policies to address this subject urgently and to conscientiously implement them before its too late.