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Geographical indications and environment

Student name: Ms Kitty Dolly
Guide: Dr Vidhi Madaan Chadda
Year of completion: 2020
Host Organisation: TERI School of Advanced Studies
Supervisor (Host Organisation): Dr Mallika Ramachandran

In this thesis, I have tried to find out the co- relation between geographical indication and environment. The reason I chose this topic for dissertation is actually I have interest in intellectual property right. So I chose this topic as this is more relatable in this era with different and needy issues. In the modern era where geographical indication has become a popular tag and people demand easily and is challengeable and creates many controversial issues which we come across in this context.

So I tried to find out whether the geographical indication do have any impact on environment, as environment is also an issue of the generation which effects the climate change in long run and many issues been observed. We usually overlook the geographical indication from commercial point of view and the connection with environment had been neglected. So here I have talked about how geographical indication connected to environment and how it impact the environment the positive impact and negative impact also been covered.

This research work is very useful in the sense that there would be check in the product before giving GI tag that such product is fit to give the tag in context of environment friendly. The product which does not suits the environment or which has the negative impact on the environment could be excluded from geographical indication. It also works for sustainable development so if more and more impactful products would be given GI tag then such will have more sustainable impact on the environment. Hence, I could think from now after getting through this research no one could overlook on commercial aspects of geographical indication.