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Renewable energy and legal framework in power sector: case study on renewable purchase obligations in India

Student name: Ms Diksha Sharma
Guide: Ms Nidhi Srivastava and Dr Jaya Vasudevan
Year of completion: 2020


The last five years has witnessed an exponential growth in the renewable energy sector The purpose of this dissertation is to study in detail the policy, legal framework of renewable energy that has facilitated in growth of the sector. To study and analyse the evolution and overview of legal framework for renewable energy sector in the country, the recent trends in the sector to achieve the targets set by the government to fulfill its international commitment. There has been a major policy instrument such as Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPOs) that has a significant role to play in achieving these targets. To understand the significance of RPOs, and its role in promotion of renewable energy sector. Also, there are other policy measures that have been adopted by the government to achieve those targets. Hence, to study these major policy instruments, and to understand the challenges in effective implementation of these policies. Moreover, to analyze the role of judiciary in enforcing the renewable energy policies and helping in promoting energy transition in the power sector.