Emerson Centre of Excellence on Sustainability Studies
Towards Net Zero – Role of Green Hydrogen
Emerson Centre of Excellence on Sustainability Studies

"Emerson Centre of Excellence for Sustainability Studies" launched at TERI School of Advanced Studies on June 30, 2022, as a part of their long-term collaborative relationship. The Centre will focus on promoting and strengthening research based learning on key areas of sustainability. The Centre shall align with the 'Greening With' theme of the sustainability agenda of Emerson.

Mr. Michael Train, Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Emerson and Dr. Amit Paithankar, Managing Director, South Asia, Emerson, Prof. Prateek Sharma, VC TERI SAS and Prof. Shaleen Singhal, Dean (Research and Partnerships), faculty members of TERI SAS and Emerson delegation members, launched the Centre of Excellence.

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