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About UrbCon

UrbCon – ‘Reimagining Sheher’ is a one-day symposium which would provide a platform for eminent personalities from academia, industry, government and private sectors to provide insights on different facets of urban development through their practical experiences. ‘UrbCon’ also intends to invite students, professionals and industry experts from various organisations. This urban symposium will throw open the floor to discussion regarding pros and cons of urban development policies and programmes and allow students to flex their grey muscles and come up with innovative solutions to various urban challenges.

“Sheher” entails our vision for the Indian cities as: -Sustainable, Healthy, Equitable, Happy, Efficient and Resilient. We believe that this acronym presents a vivid image of how contemporary cities should be. There is a need to re-imagine cities, treading off the beaten track of economic development and industrialization and moving towards newer horizons of sustainability.

Through “UrbCon”, the students of M Tech. Urban Development and Management programme shall endeavour to create a structured outreach within the student and professional community working in the urban development sector. By enabling an open dialogue on relevant issues of the urban sector, the symposium shall facilitate learning and collaboration among various institutions, organizations and individuals.


TERI School of Advanced Studies was set up as a Trust by TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) - a not-for-profit, independent research institute recognized globally for its contribution to scientific and policy research in the realms of energy, environment, and sustainable development in 1998. The object of the TERI SAS is to build capacity around various themes of sustainable development adopting an inter-disciplinary approach and incorporating the most contemporary, research-based evidence into the curriculum.

Message from Vice Chancellor

Prof. Manipadma Datta Vice Chancellor (Acting), TERI SAS

Furnishing smart solutions for sustainable and resilient cities and communities
Cities are the engines of economic growth. 68% of the total world population is expected to reside in urban areas by 2050. India has stood witness to the phenomena of massive migration towards large urban centers. Burgeoning population of these urban centers has created tremendous pressure on cities’ infrastructure and service providing capability. .

Message from HoD

Dr Atul Kumar, HoD and Professor, TERI SAS

City governments all over the country are grappling with issues of social inequality, unplanned growth, housing shortage, excessive congestion and so on. The students of M Tech. UDM are trained to use a holistic approach to urban planning, design, management and policy making. Solutions and strategies should be moulded and adapted as per the character of each individual city. The technical fest UrbCon seeks to bring together professionals engaged in the urban development sector to a common platform. We hope this symposium will enable students to learn from real life examples about how problems are currently being tackled and the way forward for the future. .


• Energy Efficient Built Environment

• Sustainable Urban Transport System

• Integrated Waste Management

• Resilient Cities

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