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About the Symposium

The event “Harmony in Dispute Resolution: Exploring Synergies between Commercial Arbitration and Sustainability in the Modern Legal Landscape”, a collaboration between MediateGuru and TERI SAS (The Energy and Resources Institute- School of Advanced Studies) is a panel discussion specially designed with the primary objective of delving into the intricate intersection between commercial arbitration and sustainability. By doing so, it aims to foster a deeper comprehension of how these converging domains can collaborate to reshape the existing paradigm of dispute resolution.

At its core, this event seeks to shed light on the convergence points between commercial arbitration and sustainability, emphasizing opportunities where their amalgamation can lead to ethical, sustainable, and efficient practices in dispute resolution. It strives to serve as a catalyst for showcasing innovative approaches and best practices that seamlessly blend the principles of commercial arbitration with the imperatives of sustainability, thus contributing to the establishment of a more adaptable and responsible legal framework. Central to this endeavour is the engagement of diverse perspectives, including legal experts, industry leaders, sustainability advocates, and stakeholders. Through curated discussions, the event aims to foster multifaceted dialogues that bridge gaps, enhance mutual understanding, and promote collaboration between these interrelated yet distinct spheres. Moreover, a significant focus of this event lies in advocating for the development and implementation of ethical, sustainable, and equitable solutions within arbitration processes. By aligning business interests with global sustainability objectives, it endeavours to generate outcomes that are not only beneficial to the involved parties but also contribute positively to the broader global community. Amidst the enriching technical sessions, the conference embraces the importance of forming connections and engaging in informal discussions to enhance collaboration and knowledge exchange. These networking sessions, scheduled for 1.5 hours between the technical sessions and accompanied by tea and coffee break, offer attendees a valuable opportunity to connect, converse and foster relations. Ultimately, the event strives to catalyse actionable outcomes through active dialogue, knowledge exchange, and consensus-building. Its overarching goal is to usher in a more just, efficient, and sustainable global legal landscape by infusing the narrative of dispute resolution with the fundamental principles of sustainability, thereby creating a harmonious and responsible legal environment in today's world.

Learning Objective

To explore the dynamic intersection of commercial arbitration and sustainability, fostering a collaborative dialogue among legal experts, industry leaders, and stakeholders worldwide. This conference aims to elucidate innovative approaches, establish best practices, and catalyse a transformative synergy that harmonizes legal frameworks with global sustainability imperatives in the modern business landscape.

Eligibility Criteria for Participation in the Conference:

Professionals in the Legal Field: Legal practitioners including lawyers, arbitrators, mediators, and judges with a keen interest in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). )
Academic Scholars and Researchers: Individuals from academic institutions who are actively involved in research related to ADR, including professors, lecturers, and researchers.
Students: Law students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, who have an interest in ADR are welcome. Students from related fields such as business, international relations, and public policy may also apply if they have a specific interest in dispute resolution.
Policy Makers: Individuals involved in crafting policies related to ADR, including but not limited to representatives from governmental and non-governmental organizations, are encouraged to participate.
ADR Practitioners: Individuals and professionals who are actively involved in providing ADR services such as mediation, arbitration, and negotiation.
Business and Corporate Representatives: Representatives from businesses, particularly those from sectors like energy and infrastructure, that frequently engage with ADR mechanisms are encouraged to apply. This includes legal counsels, HR professionals dealing with workplace disputes, and executives involved in contract negotiation.


  • Panel Discussions
  • Interactive Sessions and Case Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Discussions
  • Focus on Global Trends
  • Q&A Rounds

Exclusive Benefits

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Expert Insights
  • Skill Enhancement
  • Community Building
  • Certificate



Jan 25, 2024


April 2, 2024

Symposium Date

April 6, 2024


Certificate will be issued to successful participants.

Programme Fees

On or before 10th March 2024 After 10th March 2024
Professionals and Research Scholars

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